Monday, September 20, 2010

What Are the Different Types of Broadband Router?

The function of a router is to forward data packets between two networks. The router may connect two local area networks, or a local area network, and a wide area network. Most routers are used to connect local area networks to the Internet. There are two types of routers which are, wired and wireless. A wired route will be connected through a modem to the internet.

The local area computers are connected using Ethernet cables to the router. If a single computer is to be connected to the internet, then the cable modem can be considered to be a router also. The router allows multiple computers to communicate with each other, and to communicate to the internet, sharing a single internet connection.

Broadband means either having a cable modem or a DSL connection. As, these are high-speed connections that connect your computer or computers to the internet, they are referred to as broadband. There are two types of broadband routers that are used in a network.

One is the wired router that has been described. The other type of broadband router is the wireless router. This router looks like the wired router the only difference is that in size it may be smaller than a wired router, and will have one or two antennas on it. A wireless broadband router can also be a mixed router and may have some Ethernet cable ports on it.

This router allows computers to be connected by Ethernet cables and wireless computers can connect via the router to the internet and to other computers on the network too. Wireless routers use an encryption to disallow eavesdroppers from accessing the network too. Other than routing data packets on the network, and between networks, there are broadband routers that can be setup as firewalls and DHCP servers.

A broadband router looks like a rectangular box with ports either on the front or the back. One port is used to connect the DSL or cable modem, and the other ports are used to connect the different computers on the network. The wireless router is commonly used in offices and in homes also. The wireless router gives a user the freedom to move around and sit at any desk anywhere in the range of the wireless router while staying connected to the network and to the internet. Check Cisco Broadband and Dial access for your use.

Some firms prefer using wired routers as they don't want their data floating on the airwaves. Others prefer using wireless modems as this gives them the freedom of movement. The staff does not have to go rushing to their computers to retrieve any information as they can do that during a meeting using their laptops on a wireless network.

In case of refurbishing the office in a wireless network, there are no cables that have to be removed, and new cabling done. When a router is installed on a network, it has to be configured and the services required have to be defined. Setting up access groups is important in a wireless broadband router environment.
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