Monday, September 27, 2010

Here Comes The Fastest Broadband in the UK

There was a time when I was happy with my 2mb broadband but now we have broadband suppliers offering us up to 24mb broadband here in the UK it's starting to feel like I'm in the slow lane. What today may be the fastest broadband in the UK, tomorrow is being pushed down the list. There seems to be no end in sight as the fastest speed just gets speedier.
The number of broadband providers has mushroomed in the past couple of years and we now see a very competitive market with many broadband deals and broadband packages jostling for position in the google results. For the uninitiated it can be a total nightmare trying to choose between all the different broadband ISPs.
The broadband provider claiming to give us the fastest broadband in the UK may not be the best choice for you as far as customer service, uptime and pricing is concerned. When you are considering the broadband speed you wish to use, unless you are an extremely heavy user you'll probably never need more than 1mb broadband. So if you go for 2mb that gives you a healthy safety net.
When choosing your broadband ISP always always read the small print. If you don't like contracts make sure you are not signing up for twelve months. Some companies don't make a big deal of the requirement to commit to contract. They are quite rare but you can find no contract broadband providers. Just make sure you find some third party reviews before you sign on the dotted line. A particular broadband offer may look fantastic on the front page of the web site but when you read the small print you may find undesirable penalties for cancelling early and such like.
If you have the luxury of choosing between cable broadband or DSL broadband I would recommend going for cable every time. Whilst DSL or ADSL broadband is an adequate solution, nine times out of ten you'll find the cable connection much more stable and reliable.
If you are speed freak and nothing will stop you going for the fastest broadband in the UK then at the time of writing the fastest we could find for residential properties was 24mb broadband. This is lightning fast high-speed Internet but you may find that broadband availability for this speed is extremely limited.
For some of the best deals around try Demon broadband, Freeserve broadband and a newly emerging player by the name of Plusnet broadband. The first two companies have been around for a good while and they have earned the respect of many UK customers.
If you're not completely obsessed with the fastest broadband in the UK and you just want a good reliable cheap deal then you can get an 8mb connection for free if you live in the UK and you switch your phone over too.
Rory Mac is an Internet author and creates many different types of content for publication online. He can be hired to create unique articles just like this one. He enjoys a free 8 MB high-speed connection provided by these guys.

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