Monday, September 13, 2010

DSL Or Cable

Everyone has the question on their mind which is better, internet from DSL or Cable. Well to be honest there are a few differences but not enough to really determine which is actually better.

A Cable line is based on shared bandwidth in your neighborhood or local area. If you have Cable for your internet then you will always be at the mercy of what others are doing as well. If its Saturday and everyone is home and all of you are trying to use your internet at the same time, then no one will really have lightning fast speeds like they claim. There is only so much bandwidth that one neightborhood has, and when you have a lot of people on the network, it slows down tremendously. However if you work from home, then you are probably in luck since most people are gone during the day. Most people are off to work at an office somewhere so you get the best all day long. Cable also has the tendancy to go out more than DSL. This is just my opinion but I have had both for a long time now on and off. When I had DSL I really didnt have any problem with down time because there wasn't really any at all. Now that I have Cable, every once and a while it will go down. Its really annoying that it does, but then I just remind myself that all the technology that we have today is a miracle in itself and that its OK if it doesn't work every once in a while.

The price for the two is really about the same. You might save a few dollars on DSL or Cable depending on where you live and what you local companies are offering. There will usually be a few different packages that you can buy as well, all depending on speed and what you need. If you can get by with the slower package, then you will save money. If you like the faster package you will have to pay a little more. You should expect to pay between $25 and $60 for most services.

So unfortunately both have their issues. The main problem they both have is upload speed. This just is no good any way you look at it. Until the technology gets better, we just have to deal. In the mean time, don't waste to much time trying to decide.

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