Monday, September 13, 2010

The Plus Point About Cable TV Bundle Services

Marketing campaigns are very important to any company to sell their products or services effectively. But most of the campaigns tend to go off tangent or overboard with their propoganda. While on the other end there are campaigns which are attractive, beneficial and also serve the purpose. The telecommunication services campaigns offered by may companies to lie in this range of the spectrum.

Comcast in particular and other cable TV companies in general tend to offer better telecommunication services of real value better than the others. They offer packages of good value. One needs to be wary of any company which allies itself with another company in order to offer more than one service.

An example of such a company would be the phone companies. The phone company essentially can only provide good transmission for conversations over the phone lines However as the companies are trying to expand and move into the field of internet and television as well they are choking as the DSL network does not provide enough speed or cannot transfer as much data required for the same leading to slow internet speeds and very slow video streaming.

Hence to cover all bases, the phone company will have to tie up with the satellite phone company and satellite TV company to be able to provide quality services.In addition if a deal is being offered by the satellite TV company with internet and phone services, you can be sure that it is farming the same to other companies as well. Thus a cable TV service is a much better choice for multiple services.

The real trouble with this multiple srevice option is that the customer services can result in being sub par due to the different companies involved. The scenario allows for companies to open the floor to blame game without resorting to a solution of the actual problem.

In contrast to the above, the cable company is the sole incharge of everything and hence the problem of conflicts between the various services does not arise. This solves a major problem regarding customer service. The bundled service method offered by Comcast can be used as a model to understand this better.

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