Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cable Internet

Today internet has become an integral part of our lives. Over the years internet has seen many changes and advancements. Internet was used through phones or dial up services. Now, broadband connections are replacing connections. In all these improvements, cable has also made its mark with its quality and low cost. You can get services from your cable operator to access cable internet which is not the case in DSL internet service. Cable internet can easily compete with broadband services.

In order to access internet through cable, you need to pay some extra amount to the operator. The cable internet uses the same cable TV lines. If you've already used dial up internet connection you'll notice huge change browsing speed. Cable internet has advantage over other broadband connections just because of its speed. Usually internet through cable provides more speed than most of the broadband connections such as satellite or DSL connection.

The actual speed of the cable internet depends on its usage. In other words, if more people are browsing then sharing of bandwidth will increase which results in slow speed of the internet. However, it is very beneficial for personal use as you'll be the only who is sharing the bandwidth and no one else is using the same network to browse internet. If you want to see the real difference between cable internet and several other internet connections, check the downloading speed of the file. You can download the files on your computer in less time than DSL or broadband internet connection. This takes your social networking experience to next level as you can share pictures and videos with your friends and relatives in no time. You can also play multiplayer games online. To add more thrill to your gaming experience, try out small communities..

Cable allows you to use VoIP internet phones without any hindrance as these phones need high speed internet connection. With VoIP phone and fast internet connection, you can talk to anyone overseas for paying a very little or no money. You will get all the features such as conference calls, long distance calls, video phone calls and call waiting in built in VoIP. However, in traditional phones you'd need to pay extra to the phone company. If you use VoIP and cable internet, you can enjoy all these without paying anything extra.

Online radio is another area that lures large number of internet users as they can listen to songs, updates and much more. However, for smooth and high quality audio, you need to have high speed internet connection. Therefore, online radio lovers find cable better than DSL or dial up connections. You can also enjoy short online movies without any interruptions because of the fast video streaming. If you're thinking of downloading a movie using dial up connection, it will take one to two days and interruptions will be there. However, with internet through cable you can download movies in few hours.

Cable internet is one of the best ways to stay connected with your near ones without any interruptions.

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