Monday, September 27, 2010

Technology Bundle - The Benefits of Combined Phone & Internet Service

I use my phone and internet more than any other technology, including but not limited to my microwave, TV, mp3 player and probably lights. Day and night, I'm using one or the other, and sometimes both at the same time. I remember with chagrin the days when dial up forced me to choose between receiving a call and sending an email. I was happy when I was finally able to separate the services, but the situation was still far from ideal. Fortunately there are a number of service bundles available right now.
Bundles are designed to save you time and money each month. Here are a few ways you could benefit from technology bundling:
Simultaneous Service Use - No matter the service provider with whom you choose to bundle your local calling and broadband internet, they all have options for you to benefit from all the services, whether you choose DSL, VoIP, or cable, without interruption.
Everybody Saves -Technology providers save money when they combine multiple services onto one convenient monthly statement, and as a result they pass the savings along to their customers.
Simplified Billing - Gone are the days of getting your home phone from one provider, and your internet service from a completely different company. This mean two bills on two separate days, not to mention totally unnecessary postage, envelopes, and paper.
Better Services - When you save money by combining your home phone and high speed internet you can afford to get better services. With certain bundles you find features like unlimited local calling, great deals on long distance, up to 12 calling features, and true high-speed internet with download speeds of up to 6Mbps!
So whether you are looking to save time or money, bundling your home phone and internet services is the way to go.
Lincoln Wilder loves all things entertainment. Armed with only a laptop and AT&T Internet, Wilder surfs the streams for the latest and not always greatest of the entertainment world. While some call it madness, he calls it living, (not "a living," as that would suggest compensation of some kind). Discover what else Lincoln has found with his ATT high-speed internet.

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