Monday, September 27, 2010

A Quick Guide About Internet Service Providers

Anyone who has access to the Internet uses Internet service providers. Some offer different ways of getting online, and many different prices. It is important to understand these ways of connecting to the Internet.

Connecting to the Internet is merely a communication between two computers. This is usually between the user's computer, and the website's computer that the person is visiting. There are several methods on how to connect online, but the only difference is how they allow someone to access the Internet.

Most Internet providers offer a variety of features to customers. Some offer anti-virus software, or a web browser that they created. Others just offer unlimited connection for users that are online quite a bit.

Sometimes consumers prefer to shop for a provider based on price and what type of connection is offered by a business. Here are just a few ways.

Dial-up. This is usually the most basic type of service for online users and the oldest. Internet users connect by a modem in their computer that dials a number through their phone line. This number connects to a computer system by the provider and allows the user to surf the Internet.

Dial-up connections are often slow and can be interrupted by incoming phone calls as it uses the same line.

DSL or Digital Subscriber Line. Like dial-up, DSL also goes through a phone line. However it is a phone line that contains a filter for the high frequency that is passed to and from the user's computer. Digital Subscriber Line is usually a faster connection.

Satellite. Satellite Internet is done through the same equipment for satellite television. For people in remote places and meet the requirements of being able to have such a system, this is a great way to connect. Usually the consumer can purchase how fast and how much they want to use the Internet.

The downside is when the weather is bad, getting online is almost impossible.

Cable Internet. Cable Internet requires the same exact cable that normal cable television uses. Often, this type of connection allows for an extremely fast connection. It is also not a cheap service compared to DSL and dial-up Internet services. Cable Internet uses a type of modem to translate the frequency to the computer.

Wi-Fi. This type of connection is a more recent development in the technology behind developing more methods of getting online. There are no requirements for a phone line, cable or any other contraption unless the individual has some type of connection card. Wi-Fi can be portable and only needs the computer, or laptop to be able to accept this type of connection. However, Wi-Fi is usually limited to a certain area range and may not be as strong of a connection from one place to another.

As the Internet advances, there will most likely be more ways to connect. Some things to consider when shopping for the best Internet Company are reliability, customer service, features, and price. There are many Internet Service Providers out there, so it is important to choose the best one that will work well for your situation.

The author is a business consultant for Internet Service Providers.

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