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No Nonsense Review of DSL vs Cable Broadband

DSL or digital subscriber line is always available internet access. The connection between your computer and the network is always on through a dedicated phone line. You can still talk on your phone while working on the computer because DSL sends data and voice over the same line. Cable broadband connections are available through your local cable television company. By using a modem cable provides internet access through a shared cable television line.

Costs and contracts for DSL and Cable

Typically, a good DSL connection will be between 35 and 45 dollars a month. Prices for business lines are considerably higher ranging anywhere from 80 to 500 dollars. Installation charges can be 100 dollars and up. Most DSL companies will have you sign a contract to keep their service for a period of time. Six months is the least amount of time that you typically will have to keep the service.

Cable internet connection will run approximately 45 to 50 dollars a month. Sometimes the cable internet connection will be advertised for a lower price if it is included in the cable package for your television. Installation usually is anywhere from 60 dollars to 100 dollars however in an attempt to gain customers some companies will offer free installation.

DSL vs. Cable Speed

Most people think that cable connection for internet is faster than DSL. This does not always hold true. Because cable internet is accessed through a shared cable connection it can be slowed down by the number of people connected to the same line. Most cable companies try to limit the number of customers connected to the same line so as to be able to guarantee a particular download/upload speed.

DSL connections can actually be faster than cable due to using a dedicated phone line. It is not shared like the cable connections. Connections speed is based on how far away from the central office you reside. This can affect how fast your internet can download. The further away you are the slower it will be. The condition of the telephone line in your home and outside your home can affect the speed. The same is true of the server and router speed of the web sites you visit. DSL upgrades are available for some customers and will increase your download speed.

Availability of DSL and Cable

DSL is available to customers that reside within a certain distance of a logical net central office. Typically this is 18,000 feet. They use wire run miles to compute the distance. This means rather than measuring on the ground it is measured through the area of which the wires are run from pole to pole. To find out if this service is available to you call your local telephone service. They will take your information and inform you if you are in the area served by their DSL service.

Cable internet is usually more accessible to customers as it does not depend on distance to get a good connection to the internet. Most cable companies are using fiber optics because they can handle a high number of connections. Areas not served by cable television cannot use this option for internet but cable companies are starting to expand their cable services for this very reason.

Add on Services

Adding television to your computer can be easier than you think. First of all you need a TV card to add to your motherboard and an empty PCI slot in the back of your computer. If you do not already have speakers connected to your sound card you will need to do this. VOIP is another service that is fairly simple to add to your computer. It requires a phone adapter and a router. These services are becoming very popular due to the cost. For approximately 20 dollars a month you can have telephone service through your computer connection. This includes calls to anywhere in the U.S. Along with being able to make calls anywhere for one low price, you also get all the perks, such as caller I.D., call waiting, voice mail, 3 way calling and more. Adding music to your computer is as simple as downloading a service. Some services are free for a certain amount of usage. After you exceed this, you can pay for more.

The type of internet connection you choose, as you can see, depends on a lot of things. Availability of service, distance to the service you want, and cost is all factors you will consider. If you are choosing a service for your home there will be different considerations than if it is for a business. The best way to choose is to sit down and decide what services are available for you and what you want your computer to do.

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