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Transferring to Naked DSL - Ways to Avoid Downtime

Naked DSL is awesome - let's just start with that. Not having to pay line rental any more is a welcome relief to 100,000 people who have signed up for the service since it was launched in Australia just 18 months ago.

Some people can get fast churn (transfer) to Naked DSL - also known as NDSL. We're looking forward to the day when fast churn is available for everyone. As a a basic rule, if you want to transfer and you are moving from a Telstra DSLAM to NDSL then it can be a fast transfer. If you are moving from non-Telstra DSLAM then there may be some downtime involved. But there are some tricks to avoid downtime, like setting up NDSL on the second copper pair coming into your home. Read on for more information!

Transferring from ADSL1 to Naked DSL

This will be a fast transfer. All ADSL1 services are provided through Telstra equipment, so the upgrade to Naked DSL will happen on the same day you lose your ADSL1 service.

This will typically be the case for all 256k, 512k, 1,500k and 8,000k broadband plans regardless of which provider you use. For ADSL1 every ISP has to use Telstra equipment, so if you are on one of the above plans and with AAPT, Optus or whoever then you'll likely get a fast churn to Naked broadband.

If You Currently Have ADSL2+

* Connect a New Naked DSL Service Whilst Leaving ADSL2+ Active.

If you don't want any downtime, this is the way to do it. In apartments this may not work. You need to apply for a new Naked DSL connection at your address, but this will only work with providers that can set up Naked DSL without you having an active phone line. Currently that includes iinet, internode and Netspace.

Every home with a Telstra phone line has a "copper pair" connected to it. The copper pair consists of two copper lines. Your current phone and ADSL2+ service is on one copper line. The other one is vacant. If you put through the new service application, then iinet, Internode or Netspace should be able to install NDSL on the other copper line of the pair. Once it is connected you can disconnect your existing phone and internet line.

* Transferring From ADSL2+ to Naked DSL

This won't be a fast transfer unless you have ADSL2+ with Telstra. If you have ADSL2+ with TPG, Primus, iinet, Internode, Exetel, Optus etc they will all be connected through a non-Telstra DSLAM. The usual procedure will be for you to start by submitting an application with your chosen Naked ISP.

Once they have confirmed that you can get the service at your residence, they will ask you to disconnect your current ADSL2+ service. Once that has happened they will be able to keep progressing your order. The downtime will vary between providers and is also dependent on Telstra technicians meeting scheduled appointments. No one wants internet downtime. But for many people it is the only way to get Naked DSL and it is very much worth it. If you can work around having no internet at home for 1-2, possibly 3 weeks, then great. If you can't then Naked broadband might not be the service for you.

Transferring From a ULL Service to Naked DSL

A ULL service is broadband internet that operates without an active phone line. Naked DSL is a type of ULL service, but there are others in the market. Before switching to Naked DSL I used a Primus ULL service at home. When I switched to Naked this was a fast transfer.

The technician picked up the signal that was coming through the socket from Primus, he went back to the phone exchange and then made sure the new Naked service came through to the same socket. Easy switch over - a couple of minutes later we were configuring the new modem and were up and running!

If you have a ULL service the process there is a very good chance you will also be able to get a fast churn to Naked DSL.

Transferring From Cable Internet to Naked DSL

There will not be any downtime here - simply the time you take to change modems and configuration settings once your Naked plan has been connected. You will then have to call your cable internet provider and cancel your service with them.

Cable internet uses a completely different technology than DSL, so the services can be set up independently and no churn or transfer is needed. Simply set up what you want and disconnect the other.

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