Monday, September 20, 2010

A Look at T1 Line Connection Services For a Company

Managing a company nowadays usually means lots of telephone charges and Bandwidth consumption. Having a dedicated connection is mandatory not only for productivity but for customer business. Nothing is more frustrating to an employee as when they are in the middle of an important duty for a customer and the internet goes down. This cost the business time and money. Having a DS1 line circuit can ensure that everything operates efficiently and you don't have to distress about lack of productivity.

Providing a super fast and dedicated circuit with multiple varying channels for the Internet or the phone line, or in most cases both plug directly into the office switch for phone usage and into the central router of the company for Broadband usage.

By committed, it means that the uploading and download speed are the same and the circuit isn't utilized with many others like Cable Internet and DSL lines are. It has a capability of conveying data at a rate of up to 1.54 mega bits per second, about sixty times faster than standard dial-up Internet. This makes it perfect for the small business with twenty to 50 workers using the internet at once.

The T1 can carry up to 24 digitized data and voice channels for your telephone service. And that makes it a good advantage for companies with call centers and for offices that use a lot of phone usage, like with a lot of executives and conference bridge meetings.

The cost decides a big element in who has these circuits or not. For businesses that depend massively on the internet and phone utilization for their operation, the cost is worth it. However, for regular residential users, unless they have multiple workstations for gaming events and such, it may not be worth the cost.

The advantages of having a T1 connection can be the difference between a growing business and one that is always dealing with a down system, losing money because they can't provide their customers with efficient results. This service is simple and it can be much cheaper than having to run varying phone lines and Internet circuits throughout the building to get the right coverage. And, as your company expands, you can always purchase higher variants that will service more services.

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