Sunday, September 12, 2010

T1 Vs DSL and Cable Lines

Using cable or DSL can possibly bring you to disappointing moments in your business. There is a big factor that lies with the cables unreliability because of its unpredictable down times. Sometimes it takes more time to upload or send a file only to prove that you have chosen a poor internet service. Most of the time, DSL and cable can do a convincing job for home uses, but having a business that requires more than 2 individuals to be online at the same ti9me these types of connection falls off your standards. IT only leads us to the fact that DSL and cable are not really meant for business use. You might realize the need for a T1 line for better results.

There is a big difference between T1 lines and DSL cable. There is no certainty of how many bandwidths will be good for you at a given period of time. It is because DSL and cable are created to be over-subscribed and not anyone even the carrier can assure you with a consistent performance.

With T1 lines as your service provider, you are guaranteed to have a focused connection to the internet, not a shared connection with other people like what the DSL and cable lines offer. You'll never get this from a DSL or cable provider especially the written contract from your T1 assuring you of a particular amount of bandwidth available for you 24/7, 99% uptime guarantee. The DSL or cable provider usually says you can have 5 or 10MB speed or more. Well, you need to consider these:

1.) There is no guaranteed speed for DSL and cable providers. This is because you are connected to the same circuit that 50-100 individuals are also using. It only means that the promised speed can only be available if other people in you locations are not6 online at the same time.

2.) The speed from your computer to y\the internet (up) will always be lower disregarding the speed coming from the internet (down) to the extent that you can consider it as slow as the dial up connection.

3.) The speed you have from your DSL and cable provides will always be inconsistent because your connection is shared with so many other individuals.

Your DSL or cable lines may offer lower charges than T1 but with a guaranteed up time, the same speed up and down guaranteed 24/7 you are assured that changing to T1 will give you better service.

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