Monday, September 20, 2010

Insight Broadband

Gone are days when logging on to the World Wide Web was a nightmare, owing to the erratic behavior displayed by the dial-up type of internet access. Now we have a very dependable option and that's 'BROADBAND'

Broadband internet connection is growing in prominence as the technology of choice for internet access due to the variety of benefits it gets associated with.

The principal advantages are:

- Super fast speeds

- Always ON type of connection

- Keeps phone lines free

- Reliable

- Scalable

But how does broadband make all this possible? To get an answer to that question we have to look a little deeper into the technological aspects of broadband.

Definition of broadband

Broadband is defined as 'A mode of data transmission, where multiple pieces of data are sent simultaneously to increase the effective rate of transmission'. In simple terms it means that a number of different pieces of information which may be data, audio or video in nature can be sent simultaneously over a single cable. What that transforms into is that we have optimum utilization of bandwidth. That's why this way of sending data was termed BROAD-BAND.

Types of broadband

There are a number of types of broadband connections like DSL, CABLE, SATELLITE, WIRELESS and ADSL. The choice with respect to the type of connection to be used entirely depends on the intended use and affordability.

- Digital subscriber line (DSL): A technology ideal for business ensures high speed uploads and downloads.

- CABLE: Broadband through your local cable TV connection.

- SATELLITE: A boon for people living in remote areas.

- WIRELESS: land based wireless broadband.

- Asymmetric digital subscriber line(ADSL): Ideal technology for home users.

As far as application of broadband in home environment is concerned ADSL is widely accepted as the technology of choice.

Accessing broadband

The emergence of broadband technology saw a concurrent surfacing of broadband service providers, these service providers act as the link between you and the World Wide Web. So a reliable broadband service provider is of critical importance, as the quality of his services would decide whether you like broadband or not!

Hardware and software requirements

The hardware requirements would entirely depend on the type of broadband technology you want to get associated with.
No additional software is required to get into the broadband bandwagon, but it would be helpful if you are using a newer version of operating systems.

Limitless functionality

We all have seen the movie 'STARWARS' and wondered about the technology they employ and at the end of the movie came out thinking all that as distant imagination. But with broadband many of the so called impossible technologies have come to our door steps. Now we can create virtual private networks, video conference, talk internationally at very cheap rates! Aren't these the stuffs of which dreams are made of!

Broadband in a sense is challenging us by testing the limits of our imagination. We imagine and it provides!

So let your imagination loose by logging on to the surreal world of BROADBAND. Get in touch with a broadband service provider in your area and give your imagination the wings to fly...

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