Monday, September 13, 2010

The Different Internet Connection - With Satellite Internet

Today more than ever before computer users are looking for speed from their Internet connection and for the person that does not live in an area where they have the choice of DSL or cable Internet this can be a challenge. This can often mean the computer user changes from one dial up Internet provider to another with little success of gaining the speed they want from their Internet connection.

There is a third choice and that is satellite Internet; this is a high-speed connection to the Internet that has the speed found with a DSL or cable Internet connection with one difference. This is a service that has all the benefits of other high-speed services and more advantages. The difference is the ability for this high-speed Internet service to be used in the city or in a rural area. This is due to the fact that this service does not depend on special telephone lines or underground coaxial cable wires, instead what it does use is a small satellite dish to send and receive data. This data is sent to a large satellite, which connects the computer user to the Internet and provides a high-speed connection. This is why it is a perfect Internet service for computer users in rural areas, but it can also have advantages that are attractive to the computer user that lives in an area where both DSL and cable Internet are available.

This is also a high-speed connection that runs through a modem and is always connected, this means there is no dialing to begin the connection, there is not tying up telephone lines or needed a dedicated telephone line for the computers Internet connection.

Satellite Internet can make a large difference in speed when compared to the dial up connection, downloads take seconds instead of minutes and large downloads take minutes instead of hours to complete. Uploading data is also faster than with a dial up connection and there are all of the other Internet advantages of the high-speed connection even if the computer user is outside of a town or city.

This is a choice that can make the difference between waiting to connect, waiting to see pictures that have been sent or found on the Internet and there is the advantage of watching video clips, which can be impossible with a dial up connection.

There is also an advantage even if DSL or cable Internet is available with satellite Internet, because unlike either of these there are plans that offer different speeds. This is not found with most DSL or cable Internet providers. While they may have a choice of two different speeds, satellite Internet providers offer a variety of speeds to suit the home user, the home office user and even for business use. This means having the amount of speed desired, rather than settling for one or two speeds.

Internet service is all a matter of preference unless it is a rural area, then satellite Internet the high-speed Internet connection and dial up Internet service are the only choices. Which translates to the difference between high-speed Internet connections and a 53K Internet connection and when using the Internet this can make a large difference in the time it takes to travel from Website to Website or to download pictures and other things of interest.

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