Monday, September 13, 2010

Setting Up VoIP on Your DSL Line

The primary differences are that you use a different adapter and that adapter connects to the DSL router or modem rather than to a cable modem. To make your connection, follow these steps:

1. Connect the VoIP adapter box to the DSL router or modem.
2. Connect your computer to the VoIP adapter box.
3. Install the software provided by the VoIP provider.
4. Configure the telephone number and other parameters as directed by the VoIP provider.
5. Connect a microphone and speakers or plugs to a VoIP headset or handset.
6. Use the IP soft phone directly from your computer and begin to place VoIP telephone calls.

DSL does not require you to abandon your POTS telephone nor its services. Using an inexpensive splitter that plugs into the VoIP adapter box, you can, continue to enjoy POTS telephony as well as VoIP.

Potential DSL problems

The technology used by DSL requires that the distance between your computer and the nearest carrier facility be no greater than 18,000 feet (about 3.5 miles). Distance is a factor with DSL in determining overall data speed: The shorter the distance, the better the throughput. Thus, the closer you are to the carrier facility, the better the quality of your VoIP experience. If you are near the distance limit, you may not be able to get speeds that provide satisfactory quality.

DSL does not provide enough bandwidth to support VoIP traffic for a multilocation company. Therefore, DSL is not acceptable as a transport for a multisite corporate network. However, DSL is more than adequate for consumer and home-business VoIP.

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