Sunday, September 12, 2010

DSL Versus Cable - Internet to Choose From

When faced with the decision of DSL versus cable internet many people mistakenly think that this is the biggest part of their decision when getting the internet. Of course there are significant different elements to each, and the technology they use, but sometimes the decision is going to have to come down to where you live and the availability of these projects.

Although once behind in the race to win the DSL versus cable internet debate, DSL is slowly catching up as now it can work through the phone lines and not cause any disruptions in either services. Small rural towns such as Rochester are experiencing great results with DSL and find it suits all their current needs, since most people have phone lines it only requires the purchase of a modem. The thing about cable internet is it must be wired through a cable output connection, so if your home does not have a television that uses cable services, chances are you are going to have to have cable lines installed, and if all you want is internet that is going to be a costly event. However, if you are considering digital cable or pay on demand cable video services as well, than it is probably more of a reasonable expense.

DLS is not able to perform at the same speeds as cable internet, since cable internet can access higher levels of bandwidth at a time, up to 30 mbps, so if you a business owner considering internet service providers, choosing an internet provider who uses DSL versus cable internet is probably not the answer for you. It should be noted though, that although cable internet can access these high speeds utilizing such tools as t1 connections, telephony, and amplifier equipment, in a residential zone unless you spend enough to purchase the business internet accounts, most of the time you will not those high speeds.

Why? Because although cable internet can access speeds of up to 30 mbps, companies put a cap on the speed allowed into your connection so they can profit off the people who really need business accounts. People would not pay extra money if they were already receiving more speed than DSL. This is where companies get sneaky in the DSL versus cable internet. The ads can quote you rates that are faster than DSL, and promise you they have the fastest internet connections available, in comparison to DSL (and they rightfully do) but when you sign up for their service, unless you purchase the business package, you are not going to receive it. Technically their ads are not lying to you, but you are also paying a little more in some cases to get speeds that you only think you are receiving because they are the same speeds as most other internet connections and they have put the idea into your head. Tricky business advertisements, but not unethical.

Therefore, when making the choice between DSL versus cable internet, it may be more important to check out the packages available to you and what service providers are located in your area before making your choice strictly off of the type of internet connection.

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