Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Tiger Woods Song Is the Best on the Internet

The rapper Jermaine Coleman, also known as Maino, is now number one on the Internet with a song about Tiger Woods, the golf player who cheated on his wife several times. The song is entitled "Get Em Tiger" and the lyrics were inspired from the scandal which kept the first page of the international newspapers at the end of last year.
Some of the lyrics Maino sings suggest that Tiger Woods needs help because he thinks he has a problem. Apparently, he thinks he loves all the women he sees and he would be faithful if he could. The song was released on YouTube and is listened to more than fifty-seven thousand times every day. It seems that this song is considered to be an anthem dedicated to all the men who have relationships with more than one woman. In fact, it seems to be an anthem for all men, this being the rapper's declaration for Daily News.
Jermain Coleman declared that his intention is not to defend Tiger Woods, but he also declared that he understands the American sportsman, just like all the other men do. He also declared that the song has a lot to do with him, too, but that Tiger Woods has been sacrificed for all the bad things men do. He claimed that the song is mainly about him, not about Tiger Woods, but that he needed a symbol to make the song more successful. Apparently, this worked quite well for him, the song being very popular, at least on YouTube.
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