Sunday, May 15, 2011

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never movie will appear in theaters nationwide on February 11, 2011. It will be released in 3-D and include footage from his performances last summer in Nashville and Madison Square Garden. This feature length documentary chronicles the young star's life and sends an inspiring message to his fans never to give up.
In an interview, MTV Director Jon Chu described the plot of the movie. "It's not like the other concert films where you are onstage and then go backstage and then onstage and go backstage. It's not just the concert...this is a musical movie, when words aren't enough in telling the stories of his life, we use music."
The biography/concert movie spotlights Justin's career, his day-to-day life, and his life before becoming one of the nation's hottest teen performers. The movie incorporates home movies and photos from Bieber's early life in Stratford, Ontario. Also included will be in-depth, exclusive interviews with Justin as well heartfelt interviews with family and friends.
However, fans do not have to wait until February 11 to see the film. There will be an advanced screening on February 9; fans can get their ticket packages at, where they will go on sale November 29, 2010. It will include Justin Bieber merchandise and exclusive purple 3-D glasses. The cost is $30 and purchase is subject to availability as there is a limited quantity.
So if you are a true belieber the movie is a must see. Discover the road to success and how Justin got there. The 3D effect will make it more special and intimate, if you are an emotional person you probably think you can touch Justin Bieber from the screen. It certainly will be a movie never to forget because it is an inspiration for your own life and a story that makes you get more close to your idol.
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