Sunday, May 15, 2011

Justin Bieber Lifesize Cutout

Many of you might have clicked on this article out of pure curiosity. Who is this Justin Bieber and why does he seem to be so interesting? Well, I wrote this article out of curiosity; I too wanted to know who this guy was and why he seems to be the talk around - everywhere! I wasn't too surprised by my findings another rags to riches story, tween gone pop, baby face stealing girls hearts. We've all heard and seen it before so what sets him apart, if there is anything? Through my extensive research, via Google, I've not found much. Below I've presented my findings and you will have to decide whether your heart will swoon for him or you will join those unamused.
Justin is from Canada and like any good pop star grew up in a broken home with no money. He had it "rough" apparently and grew up "below the poverty line" (quoted from Justin's Official website). Unlike most teen pop stars singing was not his dream since the age of 1, and he hadn't even really sung in public until he was 12 years old. His first real go at it was on Canada's version of American Idol, "Stratford Idol". He won second place and went home defeated. Apparently his friends and family missed the competition and wanted to see him performing so he uploaded some videos, just for them, on Youtube. What do you know? Other people saw them also. Soon his fan base was well over 100 and he knew he had something going for him.
Justin taught himself how to play instruments including the piano, drums (and my favorite) the trumpet. He's a jack of all trades a "renaissance man" (another awesome quote from his website). Girls can't seem to get enough of the hunk. His popularity has exploded overnight.
He eventually met Usher and signed with Island records. You can enjoy his prepubescent tunes on any radio station or go and buy his CD (yeah right, people don't buy records anymore). There are other ways to enjoy his boyish good looks and melt me eyes. Justin has lots of merchandise that you find at any mall or teen pop store online.
No one knows what the future hold for young Mr. Bieber. We can only hope that he will follow in the footsteps of other teen sensations like the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync. Hopefully he will come out on top like Justin Timberlake and not end up like Nick Carter.
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