Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Benefits Of Window Tinting

So you are thinking of investing in window tinting for your car? And why wouldn't you? There are many reasons to do so. Besides the fact that it can look cool, it can also protect your windows, reduce heat glare and offer valuable protection against the unexpected.
Good window tinting film is durable and virtually maintenance free. They provide your car with a quality finish, protect color and also provide a scratch resistant coating.
The market is literally awash with product options. Most tinting films available today are made with cutting edge materials that not only offer protection but also increase the value of your car.
For example, the sun's UV rays can cause the interior of a car to become unbearably hot whilst also doing damage to the car's interior as well as your skin. A good tinting film provides a protective barrier that blocks up 99 percent of UV rays, which not only protects passengers, it also maintains the car's interior in pristine condition.
Whether you want your car to simply look elegant or perhaps to stand out in the crowd, it offers a range of looks so you are sure to find a look that fits best. As the name suggests, window tinting films do come in a range of colors and materials. If you want to upgrade the appearance of your car, there are certain qualities which must be kept in mind.
Always choose a color-stable film that never turns purple. Make sure that it will not result in unsightly bubbling or peeling. Also make sure that it is compatible with factory tints and provides a durable scratch-resistant surface. If privacy is your objective, make sure that the tint is dark enough. All good tints will reduce sun glare, so this should come as standard and it should reduce the glare by up to 90 percent.
Quality tinting can also protect you and your car in the case of an accident. When accidents occur, glass shatters and side windows are particularly susceptible to this. Shattered glass can easily find its way into passenger's eyes or even worse, passengers can be thrown through a shattered window.
A window tinting film can protect against this by preventing shards of glass from flying at passengers both from your car or another car that might collide into your car. It also means that flying glass is contained and does not interfere with airbag performance.
The same is true if someone tries to break into your car. Firstly, the film makes it difficult, if not impossible for possible thieves to see valuables inside your car. But if they should try and break in, the tint will hold shattered glass in place. It also takes much longer to break into a car with window tinting, giving other security services time to kick in such as alarms and on-street CCTV.
Window Tinting films include the following:
1.The new Non Reflective tint and the Metal coated tinted windows that can reduce heat, glare, and block harmful ultraviolet rays that damage fabrics as well as your skin.
2.Safety films that can help prevent injury from flying glass caused by vandalism, earthquakes and accidents.
3.Graffiti Guard can protect any smooth surface against vandalism.
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