Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are Banquet Hall Selections Tricky?

Picking the right banquet hall can be undeniably tricky. There is often a wide field to choose from, all providing different venues and different experiences to go with them. The right choice can lead to a party guests speak of for months afterwards, the wrong choice leaving a sour taste that lasts just as long. Fortunately, there are a few things any prospective host can do for a party that's the talk of the town, instead of its scandal.
Of the two big steps you should take, the first is checking prices. Your celebration can't happen if you can't afford it in the first place. Shop around, call around and compare prices. No reputable banquet hall is going haggle, but almost all of them will have modular sets of services, from different items that can be placed or removed on a menu they offer, to whether or not you go with a cash bar. This is also how you can find out about special services a hall might offer, that could help make your event unique.
Next up is making the trip out to the prospective hall to take it all in. This will help you decide if the spacing, decor and overall ambience is right for you. While you're there, you can meet with the hall's staff to discuss your event, even to arrange food tastings to let you decide if their culinary staff is right for your party. It can seem counter intuitive to put in all this legwork for what should be a festive occasion, but it is that very preparation that helps make for an affair to remember.
The quality of food is another major issue. The only way you can tell if the food is good or not is through references and personal taste. Avoid website testimonials because they are usually false and put up by the hall itself. Insist on getting phone numbers to call. Make sure that you get a tasting of the food you have selected.
You can always change the atmosphere of a banquet room, but you can not change food quality. People always remember great food.
The major factors which determine your choice in a banquet hall selection are: price, location, quality of food and ambiance. I think that if you decide that you can offered the venue, you should make sure that the food is good. Bad food can ruin a party.
If you plan ahead and investigate all selection choices of halls, you will choose the appropriate banquet hall for you.
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