Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Survive a Justin Bieber Concert

Justin Bieber is a sixteen year old genius, or at least that is what I've been told. His songs have surpassed the millions marks within days and is quickly becoming a national star with hits like "Baby", "One Time", and others. So, what are you going to do when you like him oh so much? Of course you're going to go to his concert. Who would not want to? Of course you would want to be a group of two thousand screaming girls or so and try to listen to his songs. However, you might get injured, so be prepared.
Before you go to one of his concerts, make sure you have the basic necessities. Make sure you have your water bottle, blanket, pacifier, Justin Bieber poster, Justin Bieber picture, and an adult driver. Once you have everything, take your sisters and get ready to go on the ride of your life!
Once you're there, you're going to have to rush to your chairs. If you're not early enough, you might get trampled on your way to your seat; the girls there are crazy. Get everything ready for when the star of the event is going to come on stage.
Get your hopes up for the chance to see some big name stars there like Usher or Ludacris. They might come out to help him sing a couple of songs or just to say a couple of words. Don't expect others though. These two are the only ones likely to show up.
Expect some people you have never heard about before to open up for his concert. Even small groups need their fame, and they will use Justin Bieber to do it.
Take out some earplugs just in case he goes off key. When he goes off key, it's going to sound like a crying girl. Literally. So be prepared.
Once the concert is done with, make sure to get in bed before your bed time, or else you're going to get grounded. Have a good night's sleep. is a community educational based for all users. Variety of different how to lessons can be searched in more than 14 different categories. We welcome our users to register and join the TV Lesson community so they can help us develop and fine tune the TV Lesson experience to the community's needs. Join us and share your own wisdom and know-how by uploading your videos. Many lessons can be found in variety of channels. Sharing lessons can be a great way to connect in community and to increase knowledge. All lessons are carefully hand-selected and filtered to provide the best instructional videos.

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