Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is the Law of Attraction a Lie? HELP! The #1 Reason Why LOA Teachers Fail, Fall and Flounder

There is nothing more bothersome to me than seeing people succumb to fear, insecurity and confusion about popular "success" strategies. And if you've been paying attention to the law of attraction style stuff for any length of time, and have NOT had any success, you are unquestionably going through a doubly difficult time right now.
Why? Because in combination with the usual amount of self reflection and internal "soul searching" that goes along with trying to figure out why we're not getting what we want... the recent suite of scandals to rock (and shock) the LOA "universe" is stunning to say the least.
The Emperor, as many of us have come to be acutely aware... often has no clothes. And when it comes to many manifestation gurus and teachers, their inability to avoid scandal, trauma and now SEVERE societal scrutiny is truly troubling if you've tried to live YOUR life, by their teachings.
If this sounds like you, (as it once did me) here is what I want you to understand:
Every movement of "personal power" has been rife with scandal. People are flawed by nature. And just because someone has the "key" in one area of life, doesn't mean that they are equally as proficient, with every other. You can be a GREAT mathematician, for example, and understand the very fabric of the universe in an intimate and amazing way. But that doesn't mean you have relationship skills, or the ability to work well with others, or even really to contribute your "gift" to society at large.
Many people over the years, have struggled with this dichotomy in following their leaders. Priests and Rabbi's who teach scripture, yet cheat on their spouses. People who are AMAZING at their chosen fields and expertise, but terrible parents. So too are many of the leaders of the Law of Attraction and "Manifestation" movement knowledgeable, charismatic and often profound on one hand, but poor leaders or even irresponsible (or inauthentic) in other areas of their lives.
Remember this though: It doesn't matter. There is TRUTH, and if you believe something works for you, in an authentic sense, use it. Live it. Work it, try it and make it yours. You do NOT need the guidance of a "guru" to achieve unbridled success. And often simply recognizing that alone, is the biggest breakthrough we need.
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