Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Justin Bieber Concert Tour (2010-2011)

Coming into this year, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming world concert tour of Justin Bieber because of all of the new music that he and his team were starting to put out on the radio and on the internet. With his collaborations with some of the more well known artists around the globe, Bieber had branched out to an all new fan base that was growing by the minute. With each and every hit single that he put out, Bieber was able to add to his already impressive collection of awards and honors in the music industry.
You would think that this kid was a veteran of the business after seeing all that he has accomplished at such a young age, but he is actually just now starting to learn the ins and outs of what make up one of the more lucrative jobs that anyone in the world could have. With this concert series getting underway, he has now become one of the youngest performers of all time to tour the world and sell out some of the largest arenas and stadiums out there. This tour is a landmark for his career after having to spread his music to the world through smaller venues in much less populated cities across the country. His successful campaigning on the internet certainly did not hurt him, either.
This concert tour will start in the middle of September in various parts of Canada and last through the new year when he finishes up in Atlanta. He will be making stops in places that many artists strive to perform and also some places that not many have gotten the chance to play at. This just goes to show you that this kid is something special and he has a fan base that covers the entire US as well as into other parts of North America and Europe. There really is no stopping him at this point in time and there is really no reason to think that his star will be fading out anytime soon.
I would definitely recommend catching this kid on one of his stops around the world because there really is not anything like seeing a Justin Bieber concert in person. The stage prescience that he has and all of the glitz and glamour that you could ever dream about is about what could be said to sum up what a night at one of his shows is like. Add to that all of the celebrity artists that seem to always show up to perform with Justin on stage and at the after show, you really get much more than your money's worth.
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