Sunday, May 15, 2011

Justin Bieber and the Law of Attraction: What You Think Becomes Reality

The Law of Attraction works in strange and mysterious ways. Here is a true story of how my seven year old taught me about the Law of attraction.
The television story said that the upcoming Justin Bieber Concert was sold out. Tickets were impossible to get and there was no way you would be able to get in.
My daughter was excited. "Dad can you get me tickets to Justin Bieber. I really want to go more than anything."
I was surprised and shocked. Not that she wanted to go to a concert, but that she knew who Justin Bieber was. I had heard of him. Not his music. But I was aware that his video is the most watched video on YouTube. No small feat. That is big news.
But I didn't know my daughter even knew who he was. She had never talked about him. She didn't watch him on television. She had never talked about him before.
"Dad, I want you to get tickets for Justin Bieber" she pleaded.
"Sorry," I explained, "There is no way you can go. You just heard the tickets were sold out. "
"Dad I want to go see Justin Bieber. I really want to go"
"I didn't know you even knew who he was", I explained." If I had known you wanted to go, I would have tried to get tickets".
"I want to go Dad. Get me tickets."
I explained again (and again) that the concert was sold out. I told her there was no way she was going to go to the concert.
"I'm going to the concert, she announced. I want to go and I'm going to go."
Now listen, I'm a believer in the law of attraction. If you believe in something strong enough, it will happen. You need to be clear on your desires. You need to know specifically what you want and if you believe it strong enough, you will get what you want.
Over the next several weeks, she told me she wanted me to get her tickets to see Justin Bieber. At first I quietly explained to her that she would not be going to the concert. But she kept bringing it up again and again. And again.
"I'm sorry, you are not going to the concert. The concert is totally sold out. Everyone wants to go. And you are not going. Now that's that".
"Dad, I want to see this concert. I'm going to see Justin Bieber. And I don't care what you say. I'm going."
One of the most difficult jobs in raising a child is to explain to them, they can't have everything they want. A painful lesson, to be sure, but an important one.
"I'm going to the concert, Dad. I want to go and I'm going to go." She said it again and again.
The night before the big show, I sat down with her explaining that there was no way she was going to be able to see Justin Bieber. "I'll get you the CD", I told her.
"No Dad. I want to go to the concert. I'm going".
The next morning the phone rang. Early. Very early. It was one of our friends. They had just purchased tickets on-line. They had an extra ticket. Did our daughter want to go?
"See Dad, I told you I was going to the concert," she said. She ended up going and had a great time.
So my daughter had to re-teach me an important lesson about the law of attraction. If you really want something you need to truly believe that is what you want. And you will get it
Leave it up to the law of attraction. If you want anything bad enough, you can have it.
You can have everything you want, including tickets to Justin Bieber.
And now my 7 year old daughter, as become the master and I am the student.
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