Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Wins When Terrestrial Broadband and 4G Wireless Compete?

At first, terrestrial broadband companies providing DSL and cable internet services weren't particularly worried about 4G wireless since they didn't see it as a directly competitive technology with their land area network services. While 3G internet, for example, the internet used in phones and other portable devices was great for having mobile internet, it certainly didn't replace the need for a broadband connection at home. Now, much to the surprise of DSL and cable companies, internet subscribers in many cities are not only getting hooked up to 4G internet, but cancelling their terrestrial broadband subscriptions shortly after. Here are some of the top reasons people are making the switch.
One connection is enough. With the reliability and download speeds of 4G, which are often equal to terrestrial broadband services, there's no need to have 2 internet subscriptions sitting side by side.
Triple Play packages are a thing of the past. Many people sign up for terrestrial broadband internet service because it comes with a package including cable television and a home phone line. The problem today is that most people pay for these services and then never use them. The vast majority of customers use their cell phone basically all the time, get their TV and movies off the internet, and now have an alternative broadband source.
Mobility. People in today's fast paced world are busy. In fact, they are too busy to sit around at home surfing the internet very often. Instead, they want to be able to surf the internet when they have downtime and are already on the road. When the internet can be used, even while in motion on the bus or in the carpool lane people save time and energy- something always appreciated. Not to mention, forget about running in circles looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot that corresponds with your current service, or a great place to work in general. Customers like being able to sit down wherever they like to work with mobile WiMax.
The average internet subscriber today wants convenience not speed. For most people, there really isn't much difference between using broadband, and the superfast super high speed fiber networks many terrestrial broadband providers are putting out now. There will always be customers that need super fast broadband, like in scientific laboratories, university computers, and online gaming geeks. The rest of the population uses the internet for communication, basic browsing, staying up to date at work, and performing basic tasks. Any notebook that can do this on the go has an advantage over one that can send files twice as large as the customer will ever see.
It's nice to have a choice. After many years of being told what kind of internet is available in their area, many customers are just finally glad to have an option. Many have be jerked around by the same inattentive terrestrial broadband provider for years, and spent days of their lives on the phone attempting to fix issues and troubleshoot with under qualified employees. It's nice to be able to try something fresh and new, that even if it has some kinks, they are new kinks and not the same old same old as before.
Making the switch from DSL to CLEAR has made many internet subscribers around the world very happy. See for yourself why everyone loves clear wireless Internet.

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