Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Confusing Tech Talk in Everyday Language

When is the last time you read an article about the newest technology and you understood all of the words and phrases included? In fact, it seems like every time there are advances made in technology, the terms and phrases become increasingly difficult to understand. There are so many of these terms, that the language is now often referred to as "tech talk." For the average person, this talk can be a little frustrating, especially if they are trying to make a new purchase or new order.
When you need to decide on an Internet service, you do not need to get bogged down with all of that tech talk. You do not need to spend hours trying to make sense of confusing terms. You should, instead, be able to decide on a service with the knowledge and confidence that you know just what you are paying for. That is why, below, you will find four confusing tech talk terms described in everyday language. This will take away some of the confusion.
Broadband and DSL: These are two very common terms, but you may be wondering what the difference between the two are. Actually, the two terms are interchangeable. DSL and broadband are two terms for high-speed wired Internet access. The service works through an existing phone line, separates out a signal and sends the Internet to the computer. With the service, a person can browse the web at a high speed and still leave their phone line free.
4G Wireless: This term sounds hi-tech, and the actual technology is cutting edge, but the term is simple. 4G stands for fourth generation. It means it is the fourth installment in wireless Internet options. With this service, a signal is broadcast through a series of towers. The towers send out a signal that a subscriber's computer can then access. The only true mobile Internet access, 4G wireless allows a person to get on the Internet from anywhere in the coverage area.
CAT5: Sometimes, when IT specialists forget that they are dealing with everyday people, they may throw out some confusing terms. When you subscribe to DSL, they may tell you that you will need a CAT5 cable, but you may be scratching your head with no idea what the cable is or where you would get it. CAT5 is simply the cable that allows you to connect your computer to the DSL modem so that you can get online. The cable is quite common and you can purchase it at almost any store that sells electronics.
Wireless Router: Very simply, this is a small plastic box with some connection slots and a small antenna. This little box is what you connect your DSL line to. When you do this, the box will send out the Internet signal throughout your home. Then, any computers you have that include a wireless modem will be able to get online from that signal.
As you can see, tech talk can be a little confusing, but when explained in plain talk, they do not have to be confusing at all.
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