Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Satellite Internet May Be the Best Option Yet

You know your Internet options by now, don't you? You can choose standard DSL from your Internet service or Phone Company, or sign with the local cable company for supposedly faster services. However, there is another option to consider and it may be the best option yet, whether you are fed up with your current provider or if you have no access to high speed Internet. That option is satellite Internet. What is the difference between satellite broadband and satellite TV, or for that matter, DSL Internet?
Satellite Internet operates in similar fashion to satellite TV. The connection is made possible from a satellite in geostationary orbit, about 22,000 miles away from the earth. This connection isn't perfect, but still boasts a 99% uptime, which is certainly competitive with the uptimes offered by cable and DSL Internet. One advantage is is that the technology allows for Internet access even in remote and isolated locations. Some DSL or cable providers cannot provide service to individuals located in deep rural territories. The only option may be dial up Internet, which you probably remember, is hellishly slow. However, satellite broadband is readily available for almost any location on earth.
Recently, even customers in well populated urban areas have been switching over to satellite Internet. They may be tired of dealing with their phone company or cable provider and tired of the idea that they have no choice as to who is their Internet provider. Satellite broadband, like satellite TV, has positive word-of-mouth building as regards the technology and customer service.
Is it true that satellite is more expensive than cable or traditional DSL? While the satellite certainly costs money to produce that cost is not directly forwarded to new customers. Some companies might not charge a setup fee at all, since they are confident that you will appreciate their service and stick with them for an entire year. Most contracts are actually cheaper than the traditional contracts offered by cable and telephone companies.
The market is becoming increasingly competitive in the present day. Satellite companies are new to the scene and are anxious to make an impression by offering more competitive monthly costs. They know they have to compete with established giants with a larger customer base to work with.
Nevertheless, customers who sign with a satellite Internet provider can expect a stable Internet connection, a mobile connection and superior performance. The same crisp and efficient qualities that satellite technology has brought to TV can also be applied to the Internet market. Satellite can help people thrive online, whether they live in the suburbs or out in the wilderness.
Satellite broadband may be offered on its own merits or as part of a package with satellite TV. For more information and the advantages you can expect, look up providers in your local area. You may be surprised at the savings you can find online.
As America's leading satellite internet service provider, HughesNet delivers broadband speeds up to 50x faster than dial-up. HughesNet internet service is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and with lease options and free standard installation, getting started is easy and affordable.

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