Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Connecting in the Country With Satellite Broadband

Of all the things we cherish most in our lives, independence definitely holds a place at the top of the list. The ability to survive and prosper on one's own in many ways defines the pioneering American spirit. In our modern society, this idea has a new significance. Countless numbers of people have figured out a way to support themselves without going to the office or even staying close to centers of commerce. It's not just the rugged individualist rancher or the earnest small farmer. The entrepreneur, the freelancer, the telecommuter -- you name it, many have found a way to earn a living without leaving their rural retreat. But how does it get done? To achieve this sort of independence one must practice diligence and stay on top of the latest trends in your field. You must have the tools to succeed, among them the technology to keep you in touch when you need it.
If you have chosen to live in the country, you will likely face a limited number of options when it comes to the all-important high-speed internet. In most cases you will have to do without DSL or cable internet. So the choice will ultimately fall to satellite internet broadband or classic dial-up access.
With dial-up you have the advantage of spending very little on an Internet Service Provider. However, among the numerous concerns for a dial-up subscriber, speed has to top the list. Notorious for its dropped connections and snail-like page downloads, dial-up service is best for the occasional email and not much else. If you're interested in real-time stock quotes or seeing important videos related to your industry, you won't be finding it there. On top of these negatives, you will only be able to use the internet if you sacrifice your telephone service while online. If you want to use your cell phone as a back-up, you're barking up the wrong tree. The same areas not serviced by cable and DSL lines usually have poor cell phone reception, if any at all. It's the country, remember? You will have to take the good with the bad.
In the case of satellite internet, "the bad" is not bad at all. The connection has the potential to reach speeds up to fifty times faster than dial-up. That means getting online when you want and getting the work done quickly. If you want to watch the sunset or plant a new herb in your garden, you won't waste time waiting for basic internet access. Satellite broadband keeps you connected to the internet at all times. You decide how to use it. You can talk on the phone while you breeze through the pages at professional-grade speed. You can download videos and presentations with very little waiting time. It doesn't cost a fortune. Satellite internet will cost you more than dial-up, for service and equipment, but it is getting more affordable every year. And you'll definitely get what you pay for. It's like the difference between night and day -- or between the city and the countryside.
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