Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Four Reasons to Subscribe to Satellite Internet

Are you thinking about subscribing to a satellite Internet provider? First realize that the technology is very different from other options out there. Instead of relying on coaxial cables in the ground, you will have a satellite dish that directly communicates with a satellite in space. This is very different from traditional cable providers and in that difference lies in the superiority of satellite Internet. There are quite a few reasons to subscribe to this type of Internet service... in fact there are four. Here we go!
1. This Service is Mobile
Whether you are cruising around in an RV, a boat or even a van, your best choice for traveling is satellite Internet. You want a constant, stable signal active throughout the journey. When you rely on wireless Internet connections, you are always at the mercy of the hotel or the library wherever you're staying. Cellular Internet can be convenient but it sure is hard to watch movies online or write up reports using only a cell phone! A satellite Internet connection can follow you wherever you go throughout the country.
2. Available in More Locations than Cable or DSL
Cable or DSL connections are only available in areas close by a cable/phone operating facility. This means that according to cable companies, there are thousands of rural locations across the U.S. that cannot connect to the Internet using a high speed broadband connection. In the past, these customers had to rely on dial up services. In the modern age however, satellite Internet has provided a second option. Satellite Internet can offer anywhere from 512 to 2 MBPS downloading speed, which is practically equal to cable and DSL providers.
3. Satellite Technology Has Done Wonders for Television
Satellite TV has won numerous awards for their customer service and revolutionized the market with their low prices. Similarly, the developing technology of satellite Internet will continue to improve as the 2010 decade approaches. Satellite Internet operates according to a different technology. It's already affordable equal to cable providers in terms of cost. In the future, satellite Internet prices may drop even further, allowing the technology compete with lower-speed DSL providers.
4. Satellite Technology is a Much Needed Third Option
If you are tired of dealing with your phone company or cable company, but figure you have no other choice, think again! You can dump the cable or phone company that doesn't appreciate your business and sign with a satellite provider in your area. No matter where you live, you can rest assured there is a satellite Internet provider ready to take your business and hook you up to all your favorite online sites.
Please note that this does require a clear view of the southern sky, allowing uncluttered communication between satellite dish and an orbiting geostationary satellite. Some companies may offer two-way satellite services, while others may require you to use two modems, one for uploading and the other for downloading. Additionally, some satellite companies may offer you a package deal, with services for Internet, phone or even television broadcast. For more information on satellite technology, talk to a provider servicing your region.
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