Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why Choose a Wireless DSL Modem?

In today's world of constant connections, where people are getting more and more mobile every day, the old "tied to the wall" dialup modem of yesterday just doesn't cut it anymore. But there are many options available to connect to the online world - how do you choose the right one to keep up with your lifestyle, while still being cost effective?

When it comes to DSL modems, you have three basic options. ADSL modems, cable DSL modems, and wireless DSL modems.

ADSL modems connect through your traditional phone line, so they require a telephone connection nearby. The advantage of ADSL is that you'll never be sharing bandwidth with others in your neighborhood, but because most companies will limit your bandwidth anyhow, you won't see much faster speeds.

Cable DSL modems connect through your cable line, allowing you to stay connected to the internet constantly. The big disadvantage is, if you don't already have a cable connection near your computer, you will have to wait for your cable company to come and install both the connection and your modem for you.

Wireless DSL modems connect using the wireless network that providers are constructing around the world. They operate through radio frequency, just like your cell phone, but have much faster speeds than most cellular networks.

All offer comparable cost, both up front and in monthly service charges. And the capability of most home networks and home computers means that your speed and capabilities will be the same with all of them.

So how do you choose? Which one has the real advantage?

Wireless DSL modems do! Wireless DSL modems have one option that no other modem can offer. They can go absolutely anywhere within a wireless coverage area, and still connect to the internet.

No more plugging your modem in to the phone line, or waiting forever for the cable company to install a connection near your computer. Just plug in the power, turn on your computer, and you're ready to go! Wireless DSL modems are an especially good option for people in more rural areas, where traditional ADSL & Cable DSL may not be available. Many wireless networks are expanding into rural areas, making it the best option against slow dialup or costly satellite internet providers.

With your wireless modem, you can travel anywhere within your provider's network and still have internet access. You also have the benefit of having a built in wireless network with your modem, so laptops and other mobile devices can connect automatically just by plugging your modem into the wall - no other wires required!

Wireless internet is becoming more and more common in today's mobile age - and with the wireless DSL routers available today, there is no reason you can't stay connected, even on the go!

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