Friday, May 7, 2010

iPhone Wallpapers - How to Install Them on Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

Short Version:

You can make any image on your device a wallpaper by selecting it in your photo library, tapping the icon in the bottom left corner and selecting "Use as wallpaper"

To get images into your device you need to set iTunes up to sync with iPhoto or the folder containing your wallpaper images if your not using iPhoto.

Long Version:

What sort of image can you use as a wallpaper? Wallpapers can be obtained in a variety of ways. Any photograph you have stored in the photos app on your device can be used as a wallpaper. You can also download images from a number of places on internet. These have been specially created for use as iPhone wallpapers and are the correct size and aspect ratio and the images are usually composed to fit well within the iPhone format. You can download my specially designed wallpapers here if you wish.

If you are using iPhoto it's not a bad idea to create a new album to keep your wallpapers in. You can then sync this folder with your device. If you are not using iPhoto, you can keep your wallpapers in a specified folder on your hard drive and sync with that.

Copy the wallpaper images you have downloaded or created to your iPhoto album, designated folder, Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements. Connect your iPhone or Touch to your computer and open iTunes. In the library column on the left click your device icon. Now click on the Photos tab. Make sure "Sync photos from" is checked then in the pulldown menu either select the folder where you placed your wallpapers or select iPhoto. If you are just syncing selected albums rather than all photos make sure your wallpapers are in an iPhoto album and that it is selected in the list. Press Apply (or sync) and the images in iPhoto or the selected folder will be copied over to your device.

On your iPhone or Touch, navigate to your photos and select the wallpaper you wish to use. You don't have to use a specially made wallpaper image, you can use any photo you wish. Tap the icon in the lower left hand corner that looks like an arrow jumping out of a box. Sometimes you need to tap the screen once to make the icons visible.?

The menu that follows will contain the option to 'Use as wallpaper' On the iPhone you could also assign an image to one of your contacts.

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