Saturday, May 8, 2010

When Your Fed Up With Dial-Up and DSL and Cable Service Are Not an Option - Enter Satellite Internet

So there you are 2 days into downloading your favorite movie on Dial-Up. You are moving at snail speeds and your mind is starting to shut down because the lack of activity and your patience running thin. You have exhausted all of your resources when it comes to finding a DSL or Cable Provider, there just isn't one. They keep telling you cable and DSL will be available next year and 2 years have passed. You don't know where to turn. Take a deep breath, there is a solution. The solution is Satellite Internet.

Satellite Internet is the only option when DSL and Cable service are not around. Well, Dial -Up is always an option for the mundane. For you knowledgeable folks out there, you are probably getting ready to say what about a T1? Yes, that is an option, but, a T1 Line is in a price category all of it's own when you are jumping from low cost Dial-Up. As a matter a fact, I will not even go into the pricing because there is such a difference. We will stick with the subject at hand, Satellite Broadband that is.

Satellite Internet has been around for some time and it is beginning to make a name for itself. You can get Satellite Bandwidth Service just about anywhere, unless something gets in the way of the Satellite signal and interferes with the line of site from the satellite that orbits in space to the Satellite Dish that's mounted on the roof or patio.

The most famous of Satellite Providers is HughesNet. The Satellite speeds are alot quicker than Dial-Ups traditional 56Kbps. Satellite Internet Service has download speeds from 1000 Kbps all the way up to 5 Mbps. So remember when all hope is lost with DSL and Cable and Dial-Up is bringing you down, Satellite Internet will bring you up to speed!

The author Ron Legarski is a business consultant for professional agencies.

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