Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bundled Phone TV and Internet Package Deals From Cable and Phone Companies

With so many options for bundled phone, TV, and Internet service, your choice for which company to use may come down to convenience, price, technological preference, or simply who you prefer to do business with. Some consumers living in well populated areas may have a choice between bundling through a phone company like AT&T or Verizon, a cable company like Comcast or Time Warner, or even a choice of multiple cable or phone providers. Others may not have such a wide selection of choices, but may still have at least one provider offering bundled packages.

There is a difference in the technologies used to deliver these services, but for the most part the end result is the same, so as far as the services you receive it doesn't make much difference which type of provider you choose. One thing the phone companies generally offer that cable companies don't currently offer is cell phone service. Other than that, you can get digital television, high speed Internet, and home phone service from both cable and phone companies.

Specifically speaking, a telco will normally offer landline phone service with your choice of calling plan, plus satellite TV like Dish Network or DirecTV, also with your choice of programming, high speed Internet in the form of DSL, with several speed options, and cellular service also with plans to suit your needs. Though you can customize your telco bundle, and save some money by bundling, you may save a little more by getting a featured bundled package, or prefabricated bundle. The same applies with cable providers.

Cable bundles come with similar services like home phone, but this is not a landline. It's broadband phone which takes advantage of VoIP technology, and is most commonly referred to as digital phone service, or cable phone. There is no cell phone service via a cable company as of yet, making it an excellent choice if you prefer prepaid cellular, or don't want to do business with your landline provider. Obviously you'll have a choice of cable TV programming packages, and you will also have high speed cable broadband Internet available in a variety of speeds.

Competition is fierce, so you may be able to take advantage of incentives to start new service, or switch. Some companies even offer cash back just for switching from one type of provider to the other, e.g. switching from cable to a telco, and vice-versa. If you don't mind switching, you could possibly take advantage of special offers for new service, then after your service term has expired, switch to a provider offering cash incentives to do so, effectively lowering your cost for service every couple of years, but you didn't hear that from me.

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