Saturday, April 17, 2010

Computer Desktop Wallpapers FAQs

Have you just recently come across the term "computer wallpapers"? Are you raring to learn more about these things? Do read on as this article will answer some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to computer wallpapers.

What are computer wallpapers?

Computer wallpapers are the first thing you see on your computer screen when they are switched on. These are the images that fill your computer screen background when all programs are closed, and thus, not in use. There are wallpapers built into your computer operating system which you can use. You can also go online and download wallpapers from certain websites for free.

Do I need a wallpaper?

The need for computer wallpaper depends on each computer user. It is most important to note that the efficiency in which a computer works does not depend on a wallpaper. However, wallpapers can be great ways of customizing your computer workspace and personalizing your computer experience.

Where can I get a wallpaper?

There are a multitude of desktop wallpapers which you can use on your own computer. You can go over the desktop wallpapers that come as important features of your computer operating system. For Windows operating systems, these wallpapers are usually accessed by getting into the Control Panel and then opting to change your computer's appearance and themes. You may also browse the internet for websites that offer wallpapers which you can download for free or for a minimal price. You can choose from among a great number of categories ranging from 3D, animated, celebrities, nature, sports, etc.

Can I use my personal photographs as wallpapers?

You may also want to create your own wallpapers from your digitally filed photographs. To do this in Windows operating systems, access the folder in your computer which contains your personal photographs. After you have chosen a photo, right click on it and then choose the option that allows you to set the photo as your desktop background.

What is the best wallpaper format for my computer?

When choosing a desktop wallpaper for your computer, it is most important to ensure that the image you have selected must fill the entire desktop background. To ensure this, keep in mind that the image must be of the same resolution as your monitor's display resolution. In case the image you have chosen for a wallpaper is of a size too small to fill the entire desktop background, you have the option of stretching it, having it arranged in consecutive tiles, or placing the image at the very center of the screen. However, this may result to image quality that is poorer than that resulting from an image of the appropriate resolution.

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