Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Brief Discussion About a Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a special celebration where a couple celebrate their year or another fruitful year together as husband and wife. The time where they get to celebrate their romantic moment symbolizes the timelessness of their love to each other. We celebrate anniversaries that were inspired by our forefathers who first initiate this wonderful idea of commemorating one of our most momentous event, our wedding day. The history of wedding anniversary began revealing the idea that behind the celebration is to acknowledge the breakthrough of married life. However, the most important thing to understand is the idea which is another year of truthful promise to fortify the marriage vows with continuous trust and affect between the couple themselves.

People have the right to socialize since the beginning of civilization. Since then early individuals started their social and cultural life as human beings and began to celebrate and acknowledge the change of season, but that wasn't good enough. They were not satisfied, thus they wanted to celebrate any changes every year. This is the time where wedding anniversaries were celebrated. Back at early times, the date of anniversary was more easier to remember as there was no specific type of wedding ceremonies. It was just a big get together,organized twice a year and all eligible single men were paired off with single women of marriageable age. As time goes by, this marriage idea was adapt by generation to generation until this simple tradition was changed when different forms of marriage ceremonies began to take place.

Back in mid-early years, the celebration of wedding anniversaries were only appropriate for 25th and 50th year of married couple. A symbol of 25th wedding anniversary or known as silver anniversary is by crowning the wife with a wreath of silver by the husband. While a wreath of gold are crowned to her during the Golden or 50th wedding anniversary. By mid-to-la 1930s, people began to celebrate and acknowledge 1st, 10th, 20th and 70th anniversary along with 25th and 50th. Presenting gifts was then practiced by the society. The idea behind the gift is to reward or acknowledge the couple themselves for a year of stability and happy marriage throughout the year.

Today, the traditional celebration is still existing with some changes. Each year, a wedding anniversary was celebrated by many couples, some of them even goes beyond a traditional way of celebration. In today's wedding anniversary trend, there are elaborated gifts to commemorate the said occasion. Apart from traditional gift ideas, there are now different modern gifts to choose from. One of the most intriguing wedding anniversary gifts are personalized items. Personalized gifts are widely available and come in different selection, from simple to requisite. Personalized options are not only for wedding anniversaries alone, rather they can be present in other occasion like wedding, birthdays and the like. In fact, personalized gifts are popularly used as unique wedding guest gifts as well as gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man and other wedding attendees.

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