Friday, April 16, 2010

Behind the Desktop Wallpaper

What's in a name? Shakespeare could have asked the same thing about your desktop wallpaper. Really, what's in your desktop wallpaper? Is it a personal collage? A dream vacation spot you have been saving up for? Wallpapers are actually a medium of personal expression, at least in the workplace. Studies have shown that our wallpaper could actually influence productivity. It plays a crucial role in our way of thinking or feeling.

The first thing that greets you as you turn on your laptop or desktop computer is after all your wallpaper. If it reflects happiness and peace then you are bound to be calm and without stress. Also according to studies, wallpapers reflect what we find important in our lives. This is why a lot of people use photos of their children or families, even pets as their wallpaper. This in itself is a motivation. By posting a photo of your family or loved one on your computer screen, you are actually reminding yourself of who you are working so hard for. It may also be a sense of peace and calm when you look at the smiling faces of your loved ones.

Wallpapers may also be an expression of one's self. An object could mean so many things. The same is true should you decide to put animals or flowers on your desktop. Lions for example could signify leadership. Doves, on the other hand, may mean peace and freedom. Desktop wallpapers have the power to transport us to another place or another time. It could remind us of many things or make us smile.

Some people view wallpapers as superficial part of work. Truth is who you are maybe reflected on that wallpaper you are using. If you find yourself running out of images to post as your wallpaper, try to search for beautiful, interesting wallpapers online. There are a lot of websites offering free wallpapers you can take advantage of. Online, websites host millions and millions of images you can look through to find the perfect one that you are looking for. Such websites will not make it hard for you because most are organized in such a way that they present their wallpapers by categories.

More famous categories include real art or paintings, photos of celebrities, cars, cartoons, animals, scenes from Mother Nature and holidays. There are also websites that offer to change your wallpaper everyday and all you have to do is to simply subscribe to them. There are also desktop wallpapers that come in 3D or those with an animation that would surely entertain you or anyone who would see your wallpaper.

If you are after the personal touch, many websites offer wallpaper making online software. Simply upload your images and you can make mosaics, put frames or apply certain effects on your photo. There are so many ways to spice up your desktop wallpaper. With the many websites offering wallpapers for free, you will never run out of things to post. Your desktop will never be boring again. So go on, try new desktop wallpaper today.

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